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“To my now mentor and Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing – Daniella Blechner. It was a delightful experience working with someone so accomplished yet so humble as Daniella; despite the difficulties of working with a kid, she pushed to help me successfully self-publish.
You have been an amazing mentor to have. As I’ve always said you’re such a humble yet accomplished woman. You’ve been very inspiring. I always questioned how well and far someone could go as an author in modern times. You’ve been am example of someone who has gone far regardless of how difficult and have empowered women; I’m proud to say I am included”

~Micah Dolphy, Author of The Poetic Surds

press_micahMicah Dolphy has also enjoyed success in The Lambeth Weekender, Brixton Bugle, Brixton Blog and was on the front cover on The South London Press on a 2 page spread!

Evelyn Grace Academy Year 11 Tops No1 Bestseller
Brixton Blog: Brixton Tops No 1 Bestseller List with First Book


“My book Journey with Daniella from Conscious Dreams Publishing was a very inspiring journey for me as a first time Author. As a first time Author, making the decision to self-publish versus using a publishing company, can be very challenging due to lack of some knowledge. However, after my first telephone consultation with Daniella, I knew that this publishing team had a vast knowledge and know- how’s especially when it pertained to ‘New Authors’ and their lack of knowledge of the publishing process.
I found Daniella to be very professional, knowledgeable and meticulous in her
overall working relationship during my journey. I had a very good experience and I would recommend Conscious Dreams publishing to everyone. New or Experienced Authors!
Thank you Conscious Dreams Publishing!!”

~Cherre -Ann Crawford, Author of The Chyrysalis Journey


“My journey with Conscious Dreams Publishing has been one to remember. It was smooth, educational and one to remember. They worked with me, were very patient with me, and made sure that I was not only content but happy with the finished product- my book. I would definitely consider working with them again.

Thank you Conscious Dreams Publishing!!”

~Our very own author, Amos Pinnock also featured in The Voice newspaper!

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“It was amazing to achieve Bestseller status in three different categories This wonderful achievement was made possible by the guidance and support of Conscious Dreams Publishing. I highly recommend anybody who wishes to achieve Amazon Bestseller status to work with Danni Blechner as their Book Journey Mentor as the experience was outstanding. I purchased the marketing and Bestseller Package and the expert guidance was a wonderful experience as not only did I learn a lot but it was great to see my book rise above the likes of Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence people! Conscious Dreams Publishing is a must if you truly want to have a wonderful experience and see your book get the recognition it deserves. Thank you, Danni and Conscious Dreams Publishing!”

~Dean Williams, Author of The Path to Financial Peace


“Wow! The Path to Financial Peace is a treasure chest full of wisdom. This book is a dream come true and a breath of fresh air for anyone who desires to acquire wealth. The authors have managed to creatively package the best financial success principals throughout time and pack it all in one book. Sprinkled with humour and exciting practical action points, this is one of the best financial tools I have come across. It doesn’t do justice to simply call this a book. It’s more of a manual and home study course to develop the millionaire mindset.” ~Junior Ogunyemi Author of How to be a Student Entrepreneur


“Daniella worked with me over 6 weeks on a programme which had clear structure, goals and completion deadlines. Throughout the process, Daniella had a firm but compassionate approach and exercised great patience particularly with me being a first time author not yet fully proficient in the industry. Her coaching techniques are achievement and target driven, and I felt confident in her leadership and professionalism. Daniella delivers great value and the coaching programme supported my growth as I developed a greater understanding of what is required a self-published author.that transform, inspire and empower. We want to read non-fiction manuscripts from authors who can offer new and fresh ways of exploring new ideas and provide” information that heals and elevates. With a can do approach and endless positive energy, Daniella Blechner is by far a leader in the Coaching to Publishing industry. At the end of the 6 week programme, I was equipped with great support and a wealth of knowledge as I published my first novel. It is without question that I will be returning to her services again with the publication of my second novel. A five star service that delivers. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the 6 week Coaching to Publishing programme and would highly recommend Daniella Blechner to those getting ready to publish a book. Hitting the Top Ten in three categories on Amazon when I released my book Everything was amazing! Having the support of Daniella; being taught a simple but strategic approach to getting my book on the Bestseller List was invaluable.”

~Janine Cummings, Author of Everything.”

‘Everything’ is a euphemism for “the man who is everything”, and the true story about a woman’s journey through loss, to recovery and finally, to victory – it’s the author’s personal story. It recounts the events of a spiritual voyage that began with a love relationship and an introduction to God through a man who greatly impacted her thoughts, beliefs and emotions, and made her question everything about herself and her approach to love.


“Danni is a wonderful, enthusiastic, encouraging Book Journey Mentor. She mentored me through the entire process of publishing ‘Elephant’ and from the very start, she really believed in this project. She has been one of my biggest champions and advocates. Danni is knowledgeable, open to suggestions, and went the extra mile for me on several occasions. She put me in touch with a professional team consisting of a typesetter and graphic designer who, together, brought the aesthetic of my book to life. The weekly calls were helpful as were the resources provided for coaching and Danni makes an effort to stay in touch with you after your book is complete to check you’re on the right track. I’d recommend working with Danni and the Conscious Dreams Publishing team highly.
Becoming a Number 1 in Women’s Poetry on the Bestseller list on the day of release was really surreal. To know that my book was ranked as highly as black female writers I admire like Warsan Shire, Yrsa Daley-Ward and Claudia Rankine was a great feeling. Thanks Daniella!”

~Siana Bangura, Author of Elephant.


A brave and bold debut collection of poetry by Siana Bangura exploring a wide range of subjects from womanhood, Black Feminism, racism, and identity to gentrification, changing urban landscapes, and love inhibited by patriarchal norms. No stone is left unturned. The elephant in the room is finally confronted.

Siana Bangura is a writer and poet hailing from South East London via Freetown, Sierra Leone.



“My 30 mins consultation with Danni Blechner was amazing. It was very informative and helped me tremendously. Danni is definitely someone I would love to work with, and is someone I can learn from. Danni is a talented inspirational woman who I feel Blessed to have in my life.
Thank you.”

~Rebecca Morgan soon to be author of Alanna’s Hair


“If you want to write a book, Daniella help you get clear on what you need to do. She asks the right questions and helps you uncover lots of your own greatness.
She made the process feel attainable and achievable. In fact, she made it feel easy. If you need a book coach that’s going to bring out the best in you and ensure that the story within you comes to life, then Conscious Dreams Publishing is a must!”

~Lanre Atijosan, soon-to-be author


“Following my first consultation with Daniella, I felt a lot more at ease & confidently fulfilled to structure & complete my first ever book project. For many years, I have held my personal experiences & thoughts within my head, lacking confidence to express these thoughts with others. Due to my anxiety, I tend to speak very unclearly, when trying to explain things & can often stammer. However the relaxed, but also professional approach Daniella has, made me feel very comfortable to share my personal story, not matter how disturbing or scattered it may appear to others.
Thank you for all your support, it honestly means the world to me, to actually be able to make a start on this with confidence & no longer in shame.
I look forward to attending your workshops & speaking 1 to 1 again very shortly.”

~ Anon~ soon-to-be author


“Deliberating about what I wanted to ask Daniella, my phone rang on the dot and all thoughts and questions disappeared!
I like to chit chat and she reigned me in and took charge of the call..:D
BOOM! She is interested in what I have to say about my book, she likes the sound of it and I felt she understood the concept.
Knowing that I am close to finishing my book, this call gave me the kick up the ass that I needed to get on with the last few pages.
Daniella shared lots of her knowledge with me and was very open and empowering.
If you are thinking about speaking to Daniella, all I can say is do it!
I came off the call, 100% more positive about publishing my book; I know it is for the people but just needed that push to carry on.
Thank you from the bottom of my spiritual heart
You know I love you and always recommend you.”

Is NOW a Published Author and enjoyed success in the Top 10 Bestseller List in 3 categories and was No2 in Hot New Releases with her book Zoetic Soul!

~spiritual always~


“I am still in the early stages of my book journey so I decided to take up the 30 minute consultation opportunity with Daniella Blechner to learn from an expert on the journey I am going to pursue. I left this call with a sense of clarity, a clear structure and a deadline to work towards for my first draft. Daniella Blechner was able to provide me with an explanation of the next stages of the book writing process and the options I could consider if I wanted to self publish my book once completed using Conscious Dreams Publishing. I am looking forward to working with you. Thank you so much.”

~Ta riro ~soon-to-be author


“I do not judge individuals by what they say, but do judge them by their attitude towards work at hand and what I hear and see. We normally say, “First impressions count,” but to me, it is not only first impressions but its whole package.” Aristotle says, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Daniella, has attributes which are rare to find; she is tenacious, she is dynamic, she has wisdom, she reaches out to someone when she spots the talent and skill, she’s passionate about what she knows and does best, she makes a difference in the lives of others by trying to tap into the mind of authors like me and tells you exactly what you are thinking and puts it into perspective. She also goes that extra mile. She’s a subject matter expert and an all-rounder in the subject of wanting to be an author, and subsequently becoming an author. I have dealt with a number of publishing companies locally and abroad, and have never witnessed someone so genuinely obsessed with bettering the lives of others who she shares similar goals, dreams, and aspirations.
Conscious Dreams Publishing is guaranteed to kill many publishing companies because these companies do not reach out to aspiring promising authors like Daniella do. It was the first time in the history of my writing to be called telephonically by the book coach mentor and owner, that’s what shall stand the test of time with Daniella Blechner. Please consider coming to SA to unleash talent, self-publishing is not known, commercial publishing is the order of the day.”

~Dudu Sohekla author of Within The Private Space of Black South African Women, South Africa


“I had one of the most authentic consultations call with Danni Blechner! She really has good listening skills and was able to help me in the process of book writing. For anyone that needs help, support or clarification, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Danni. Her passion for seeing potential Authors excel is second to none! I am highly grateful xx”

~Esther Jacob, Author of It’s Time to Heal, UK


“I have just had an amazing consultaion with Danni Blechner. Thanks Danni. If anyone has a book inside of them but like me have felt stuck and unsure how to move past the idea of writing a book; do yourselves a great big favour and connect with this author/mentor/ publisher. I am unable to make her upcoming workshop tomorrow but if you are free connect with her. Also look out for future workshop dates. I am certainly looking forward to attending the next one 15th October!”

~Donna Powell, soon-to-be author of Alligator Boy


“I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the Power of Your Story 6 week workshop. The content was fun, engaging and thought provoking. I enjoyed working in a relaxed environment alongside other like-minded women with a passion to write and to inspire one other. Dani was a great host, very professional, encouraging and full of bundles positivity!”

~Afua Akom, soon to be author of I Caught The Bouquet, UK


“So the last six Satudays have been such a PHENOMENAL journey! I decided it was time and decided to sign up to Danni Blechner’s workshop on the Power of Your Story. Well this is my testimony, having to wake up early on Saturday morning was a struggle, however so worth it! Every single Saturday I attended the workshop was so worthwhile; I’ve never experienced anything like it. The amount of knowledge, wisdom, guidance and wealth of information from ALL of the different speakers was amazing! Each of the different speakers knew their specialist areas of expertise inside out and each and every one engaged with the group on a very personal level. They were ALL captivating and real.

In addition to this, Danni made the last six weeks very unique by personally getting to know each and every one of the participants, including myself. We were given a creative and safe space to be able to share our stories and develop not only new skills but gain contacts and form new friendships. Danni offered beyond measure, more than an ordinary workshop because of her formidable talent to just connect with the group and add little extras which made such a difference. I have learnt so much over the last six weeks which will stay with me not only for the process of writing but in my everyday life for years to come.

The added bonus was meeting extraordinary women who ALL have a story to tell that will be published. We will now hold each other accountable to our journeys and I know I have made some true friends. Congratulations Danni Blechner on delivering excellence within this workshop. I am blessed to have experienced such an amazing journey and now I look forward to getting my head down and writing my book! If anyone is looking to write a book I highly recommend you sign up to the next workshop happening in February 2017!”

~Leah Noel, soon-to-be author of Scars, UK


“The Power of Your Story, book journey course was excellent!
A course that all budding authors should go on as it opens your eyes to the publishing world and helps your understand from an expert’s point of view who is already a bestselling author.  Daniella Blechner is dynamic, enthusiastic and encouraging and will give you the push the make your book or business a success!
She communicates with impact and motivates you to think about what you want to achieve, the ‘whys’ behind your story and your future vision.  Not only do you benefit from networking with other writers and great guest speakers, but you also get the opportunity to be personally mentored by Daniella through her company Conscious Dreams Publishing.

A truly recommended course to propel your book/business to success!”

~Dionne Grace Author of – When Two Love As One & When Two Become One, UK


Just completed ‘The Power of Your Story’ six week book writing/how to self-publish course.

The content of the course was very good, the guest presenters excellent, the work books a really good resource which I will refer back to as my journey progresses. The after course activity for 90 days an added valuable bonus. Honoured to have been included. Thank you Danni

For any would be writer attend the next one as an absolute must!”

~Pauline Thomas, soon-to-be author, UK