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Do you have a powerful story to share with the world?

Do you want to get published but don’t know how?

Do you have a story inside waiting to get out?

This dynamic six-week workshop takes you through the 7 Stages of self-publishing: During this workshop you will

* Discover your “Why”
* Create a vision for your book
* Gain knowledge, tools and resources needed to publish effectively
* Learn how to create a bespoke book strategy
* Understand how to market and promote your book
* Establish key links with retailers
* Uncover the inside tips to becoming a Bestseller
* Learn how a book can leverage your business
* Create a vision for your book launch
* Mix and brainstorm with like-minded individuals with powerful stories and messages to share
* Complete individual weekly writing tasks for your book




4th Nov: Know Your Why, Know Your Audience. How to Pinpoint Your Message and Audience led by your Book Journey Mentor, Daniella Blechner

11th Nov: To Edit or Not to Edit? That is the Structure featuring guest speaker Author, Editor and Book Writing Coach Wendy Yorke

18th Nov: How to Get Your Book in the Press led guest speaker and PR Specialist

25th Nov: Creating a Vision For Your Book. Planning Your Book Launch and Outlining Your Vision led by your Book Journey Mentor Daniella Blechner

2nd Dec: How to Use Live streaming to Elevate Your Book led by UK’s No1 Female Live streamer and Founder of Women of Worth, Janine Cummings

9th Dec: How to Set Goals for Your Book Journey. The L.O.V.E (Leadership, Organisation, Vision, Empowerment) Business Consultant Dean Williams




All attendees will receive BONUS WORKBOOKS/STUDY GUIDES and a FREE 90 DAY ACCOUNTABILITY PACKAGE as we believe, aftercare is just as important as the workshop provided.

Here at Conscious Dreams Publishing, we believe that everyone has a unique journey, a story and message to share with the world. No one can ever quite live your life the way you have, no one can ever quite experience your journey the way you have and no one can ever tell your story the way you can. Your story could be the very one to connect with the very person who needs to hear your words the most.

So many potential authors fail to publish due to lack of knowledge or fear. We are passionate about empowering authors and assisting with not only the tools and resources to publish high-quality books, but we assist them in creating their own bespoke book strategy.

So many authors publish a book with no idea as to how to market or publish their book. These workshops will show you how to create a plan and strategy so that you are armed with the confidence to publish and promote post final draft!

Did you know according to The Huffington post, 84% of people want to publish a book? Out of that 84% only 5% go onto fulfill their dream. That’s 79% of stories lost, untold and unborn. 79% of voices silenced. Don’t let this be you.

This six week workshop will be hosted by Daniella Blechner, Bestselling Author of Mr. Wrong (beating Steve Harvey’s Think Like Man Act Like a Lady) Book Journey Mentor and Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing. Daniella is also a Lift Effects Award Star Winner, Nominee for a National Diversity Entrepreneur of Excellence Award  and English Teacher who is passionate about empowering authors with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to set up their won publishing brand (if they wish) and assisting them in creating a successful book strategy. Publishing a book is easy, creating one of significance and value is something else entirely.

Join this workshop today and let’s get your journey started!

For enquiries, please email us at info@consciousdreamspublishing.com 07958314774

Terms & Conditions
We value our customers and so offer a 100% money back guarantee if the course does not meet the customer’s needs. (Never happened!) Once booked there is a no cancellation policy.


Workshop Testimonials



“I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the Power of Your Story 6 week workshop. The content was fun, engaging and thought provoking. I enjoyed working in a relaxed environment alongside other like-minded women with a passion to write and to inspire one other. Dani was a great host, very professional, encouraging and full of bundles positivity!”

~Afua Akom, soon to be author of I Caught The Bouquet, UK


“So the last six Satudays have been such a PHENOMENAL journey! I decided it was time and decided to sign up to Danni Blechner’s workshop on the Power of Your Story. Well this is my testimony, having to wake up early on Saturday morning was a struggle, however so worth it! Every single Saturday I attended the workshop was so worthwhile; I’ve never experienced anything like it. The amount of knowledge, wisdom, guidance and wealth of information from ALL of the different speakers was amazing! Each of the different speakers knew their specialist areas of expertise inside out and each and every one engaged with the group on a very personal level. They were ALL captivating and real.

In addition to this, Danni made the last six weeks very unique by personally getting to know each and every one of the participants, including myself. We were given a creative and safe space to be able to share our stories and develop not only new skills but gain contacts and form new friendships. Danni offered beyond measure, more than an ordinary workshop because of her formidable talent to just connect with the group and add little extras which made such a difference. I have learnt so much over the last six weeks which will stay with me not only for the process of writing but in my everyday life for years to come.

The added bonus was meeting extraordinary women who ALL have a story to tell that will be published. We will now hold each other accountable to our journeys and I know I have made some true friends. Congratulations Danni Blechner on delivering excellence within this workshop. I am blessed to have experienced such an amazing journey and now I look forward to getting my head down and writing my book! If anyone is looking to write a book I highly recommend you sign up to the next workshop happening in February 2017!”

~Leah Noel, soon-to-be author of Scars, UK


“The Power of Your Story, book journey course was excellent!
A course that all budding authors should go on as it opens your eyes to the publishing world and helps your understand from an expert’s point of view who is already a bestselling author.  Daniella Blechner is dynamic, enthusiastic and encouraging and will give you the push the make your book or business a success!
She communicates with impact and motivates you to think about what you want to achieve, the ‘whys’ behind your story and your future vision.  Not only do you benefit from networking with other writers and great guest speakers, but you also get the opportunity to be personally mentored by Daniella through her company Conscious Dreams Publishing.

A truly recommended course to propel your book/business to success!”

~Dionne Grace Author of – When Two Love As One & When Two Become One, UK


Just completed ‘The Power of Your Story’ six week book writing/how to self-publish course.The content of the course was very good, the guest presenters excellent, the work books a really good resource which I will refer back to as my journey progresses. The after course activity for 90 days an added valuable bonus. Honoured to have been included. Thank you Danni

For any would be writer attend the next one as an absolute must!”

~Pauline Thomas, soon-to-be author, UK