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Daniella Blechner: The Book Journey Mentor

Hello, my name is Daniella, Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing and I will also be your Book Journey Mentor. I am passionate about inspiring and empowering authors to transform their stories, messages and powerful journeys into books of impact and influence. Publishing a book is not so much about the physical process of publishing but the journey you have planned for your book’s life. Almost anyone can publish a book, however my mission and vision is to coach and publish authors with stories and books that empower, educate and inspire.

In 2014, I accomplished my biggest achievement to date, next to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in 2000 and getting to the top with the flu!!) and published my debut book Mr WrongMr Wrong hit 3 Bestseller Lists rising above The Joy of Sex and the infamous Steve Harvey’s Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady within hours of being published. I can share with you strategies that boost your chances of getting that sought after Bestseller status too! I have since gone on to publish over 35 books from authors with powerful messages and stories to share with the world of which, 10 have become Bestsellers.

My belief is that we all have a unique story and that we can use our stories and experiences to engage, ignite and empower others. My clients have found that having a Book Journey Mentor has allowed them to achieve a greater understanding of the publishing process, accelerated their growth as an author and raised their profile within their chosen fields.

Writing and publishing a book is a journey. I am very much looking forward to assisting you on your journey. If not you, who? If not now, when?

Your book is too valuable to go unread!

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“Be the author of your own destiny.”Daniella Blechner

Conscious Dreams Publishing – The story behind the name

Many of us have dreams and desires however, often they remain just that. So many of us have unfulfilled goals and achievements because we are too afraid to take action. This is due to an unconscious belief or limiting belief system that enables fear and doubt to paralyse our dreams so that they remain in a world fiction and fantasy.

Conscious Dreams is about taking control of our destinies and having a burning desire to transform our dreams into reality. Conscious Dreams Publishing allows you to be the main protagonist and director of your own story.