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Daniella Blechner, Book Journey Mentor, Author and Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing

Daniella Blechner is a UK-based award-winning entrepreneur, founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing, bestselling author and Book Journey Mentor who is passionate about transforming diverse writers into successful published authors.

Over the last six years, she has published over 200 books and mentored over 300 authors and aspiring authors, assisting them in transforming their powerful stories and messages into successful books.

Her writing journey began aged 18, when she wrote comedy sketches, produced and stage-managed Youth Project ‘Phenomenon ’98’ featuring well-known comedians Gina Yashere and Richard Blackwood. 

Achievements include surviving lockdown alone, gaining 400+ comments on a post about what to do with cabbage during lockdown, completing the Don’t Rush Challenge, living in Tanzania as a voluntary teacher whilst getting away with speaking broken Swahili and climbing to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro! She is the author of eight books and her debut book Mr Wrong became a bestseller, beating Steve Harvey’s Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady.

Before becoming an author, Daniella was a filmmaker, writer and director. Her short film Hair We Are won 3rd Best Film at the Images of Black Women Film Festival and has been screened at Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival in LA, BAMKids Film Festival in New York as well as featured on ITV Local. She was also shortlisted as a writer for Channel 4’s Coming Up Initiative.

Daniella is also an English teacher with 15 year’s teaching experience and has published authors from 7 years old to 84.

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Rhoda Molife, Editor

Rhoda has authored and co-authored over 65 publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, chapters in medical textbooks, and presented work at multiple international congresses.

She is also a freelance editor and writer who has worked with us for approximately 5 years. Up until 2021, she was editor of the online magazine House of Mutapa and writes for the Google Arts & Culture Platform.

In November 2019, she was a finalist for a Precious Award in the category of Outstanding Woman in STEM.

Elise Abram, Editor

Elise Abram is a retired English and Computer Studies teacher who has coached writers of all ages and at all levels of development from middle school through to Ph.D. candidates. She is an award-winning author of a YA urban fantasy novel (her preferred genre), has authored over 25 books, and assisted dozens of authors with getting their books published. 

Elise says that consistency is the key to a great manuscript, be it in the author’s planning, point of view, or tone. The structure of a book is also important. The overall message should be clear throughout, and there should be a beginning that draws in the readers, an exciting or suspenseful middle, and a satisfying conclusion.

Oksana Kosovan, Book Designer and Typesetter

Oksana Kosovan is a book designer,  typesetter and ebook formatter who has been working with Conscious Dreams Publishing for six years.

She is a real bookworm and knows just how to make your book visually attractive to readers.

Oksana is happy to be a step on the ladder that leads people to their dreams of publishing the book they always visualised having. Book design is her passion and profession. 

Nadia Vitushynska, Book Designer and Typesetter

Nadia Vitushynska is a professional typesetter and layout designer who is skilled at producing printed and digital books. She has more than 15 years of experience working in the publishing industry.

Nadia is highly organised with the ability to manage multiple projects and consistently meet deadlines. And she is passionate about working with authors and editors to create beautiful, user-friendly books that engage and inspire readers.

Bryony Dick, Illustrator, Book Designer and Typesetter 

Bryony Dick is a UK-based illustrator and author who lives in Hampshire. She has a passion for visual storytelling: both in children’s picture books as well as graphic novels and comic books for all ages. After receiving her MA in Modern History at King’s College London and a short stint at the Jane Austen House Museum in Chawton, she returned to her love of drawing and never looked back!

Bryony has illustrated seven books over the past three years and has typeset many more. Since 2022, she also writes and illustrates the webcomic ‘Wychwood’: a steampunk adventure anthology.

Any good art has to pull from real life, and in her free time, Bryony enjoys reading, video games, gardening, running, and taking trips with her children and husband.

Niya Davis, Digital Animator and Narrator

Niya is an eclectic, creative, intuitive, card deck designer and self-published author. Applying over 10 years of experience in branding, digital art, graphic design, voice work, and creative expression, Niya animates and brings to life the stories of our authors and the artwork of our illustrators.

Niya’s interests and experience extend to holistic wellness, personal development, mentoring, collaborative projects and the expressive arts.

As a creative artist, she understands the importance of personal expression and applies this to creating work that aligns with her individual client’s message with passion and integrity.

Check out some of her animated book scenes here 


Jae Thompson, Creative Visual Artist and Animator.

Jae Thompson, aka CVA JAE, has 20+ years experience of being a Pro Multi-Media Digital and Traditional Creative Visual Artist/Animator. Jae specialises in book cover art designs and motion art. He creates unique designs and has the gift of being able to work collaboratively with authors to create designs exactly as they imagined them, telling their story visually through creative illustrations.

He can also add life to book cover designs by adding Special FX and motion. He is passionate about helping you make your book cover stand out especially when promoting through social media.

Jason Lee, Illustrator and Animator

Jason Lee is an Illustrator and animator who specialises in children’s book art, branding and graphic design.

He has gone on to hone his skills by working with an eclectic mix of clientele, at the same time developing his online store, DiverseLee Made.

Ces Price, Branding and Design Expert and Web Designer

Ces is a creative graphic designer with over 25 years of experience. She works intuitively with authors to create aligned designs for personal branding, book branding, websites, roll-up banners, marketing material, social media design and even oracle/affirmation card decks. She is passionate about supporting diverse authors to reach more of their ideal audience with a professional and engaging online presence and marketing.

One thing few people know about Ces is that she is a qualified narrow gauge railway steam engine driver.

Ces says, “I love spreading ripples of positivity and transformation in the world by helping my clients reach more of their ideal customers to bring joy, wisdom and inspiration into the lives of many.”  

Faye Thompson, Head of Events

Faye Thompson is Head of Events at Conscious Dreams Publishing. She has been with us on this journey since 2019. Having attended our workshop ‘The Power of Your Story’ in 2019, Faye began her journey with us volunteering at Conscious Dreams Publishing, assisting with events and we took her under our wing as a mentee. Now, she is a published author and published her debut book, ‘I Got You’ with us in 2023 and is an integral part of our team helping organise our book launches and events.

She is also a qualified reiki practitioner and crystal reiki therapist (Q.L.S) and has a diploma in Homeopathy (BSYA). She has served 32 years in childcare as a Private Nanny and a Montessori directress! 

She is a mum of two beautiful and talented children and loves baking delicious cakes and heart-warming patties, following in the footsteps of her grandmothers!

She says, “I really value working within a team that’s supportive of its clients and has a real vision to help people be seen through their stories. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something or won’t be any good at it!”

Kieran Chapman, Web Developer

Kieran Chapman is the official website developer for Conscious Dreams Publishing. With over ten years of experience in the website and hosting industry, Kieran brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this role.

Not only does Kieran have a proven track record of creating visually stunning and user-friendly websites, but he also owns two successful brands – and His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his technical skills and creative flair, makes him an ideal fit for Conscious Dreams Publishing’s website design needs.

All the content available on our website has been meticulously crafted by Kieran, an expert in his field. Moreover, he adeptly manages the website hosting aspect, ensuring zero downtime and efficient operations at high speeds.

Kieran has the ability to provide support to our authors with regard to their website design and hosting needs. His reputation precedes him as he is known for his prompt service, integrity, and being dependable.

 Emilija Rakic, Cover Designer

Emily has been a cover designer since 2017 when she started designing for one book cover design agency. After three years, she decided to start her own business designing book covers, named Emily’s World of Design.  She is a creator of awesome book covers of all genres who understands how much time you put in writing your book and the importance of it. When you start a project with her, it is not finished until you are 100% satisfied with the final design. She has experience working with both publishing houses and indie authors. She is very dedicated to her work.

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