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Daniella Blechner - Speaker

Looking for an engaging speaker your audience will enjoy, listen and learn from?

Daniella is a powerful speaker who enjoys incorporating the art of storytelling through her talks. She shares her expertise generously whilst engaging the audience with humour, insight and plenty of audience participation. 

Her passion for inspiring and energising her audience shines through, as well as her motivation for igniting the passion and dreams in others. 

Being neurodivergent (ASD spectrum, ADHD and Dyspraxia) becoming an author, running her own successful business and exceeding other people’s expectations was not an easy journey. Having had a difficult path is what makes Daniella’s passion and determination to succeed an inspiration to those she engages with. 

Daniella has experience both as a keynote speaker and guest speaker at events such as women’s conferences, schools, universities, assemblies, community events, book launches, and CPD teacher training sessions, inspiring both adults and children to discover their superpowers and achieve their dreams.

“I believe everyone has a unique story, a unique message and unique journey. Your story could be the very one needed to connect to the one person who needs to hear it the most. No matter the start you’ve had in life, or what anyone has told you. Only you are responsible for defining your own path, changing the narrative and being the author of your own destiny. Your story matters.”

speaker testimonials

“Daniella was an outstanding addition to our annual celebration of World Book Day 2023. She delivered an outstanding assembly on the importance of diversity and inclusivity in literature. She spent the day at our school and delivered some highly captivating workshops from Years 3-11. Her presentations were tailored uniquely to each year group and her whole persona was warm, endearing and highly engaging – the children are still talking about how inspired they are now! I highly recommend Daniella for any public speaking educational event, particularly events specialising in future careers, authorship and diversity and inclusivity.”

Priya Anand, Head of English at Duke of Kent School 

“I wanted someone to inspire a group of very diverse students to enjoy reading books more. I was out of options when the Principal at Harris Academy Peckham recommended Daniella to me. Daniella inspired the students with her story and brought in her best children’s book authors to present to the students. They were left inspired when they got to meet a real-life author who was the same age as them. Daniella left a lasting positive impact on our students that has made them love the idea of reading and writing. Thanks you Daniella looking forward to working with you again.”

Denardo Jackson, Associate Principal at Harris Peckham Academy

“Danni Blechner possesses an unparalleled ability to captivate her audience with her exceptional speaking skills. From the moment she stepped on stage, her commanding presence radiated confidence, authenticity, and a deep passion for her craft. Danni’s energy was infectious, instantly connecting with everyone in the room.

Speaking at HerStory Women’s Global Conference, throughout her powerful speech, Danni shared her remarkable journey, inspiring women from diverse backgrounds to embrace their own unique stories and transform them into published works. Her words were a beacon of hope, igniting a fire within each listener to realize the immense power within their own narratives. Danni’s ability to empathize and connect with her audience was truly remarkable; she effortlessly tailored her message to resonate with every individual, regardless of their background or aspirations.”

Getrude Matshe, Founder and Global Curator HerStory Circle

“Daniella spoke at one of my publishing events, and she really got the crowd going. She is an amazing speaker. She gives amazing tips to help people go from where they are to where they need to be with their book. If you’re looking for someone to motivate the crowd and really get them to action, then Danni is the person you need for your event. She is a publishing guru and a great speaker, and she knows her stuff! “

Tunji Olujimi, Founder of Accelerated Author Academy


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