Conscious Dreams Publishing

“I am still amazed that I made it to the finishing line. The truth is without Daniella I would never have finished my book. Yes I had a good idea and manuscript, but felt like I was in a human maze, unsure which turn to make next and whether I would ever understand how to publish my book. In stepped Daniella who agreed to be my Book Journey Mentor from start to publishing my book. She not only kept her word, but it is obvious that she lives and breathes helping debut authors like myself to realise their dreams and go the extra mile, and then some! She also encouraged me (kicking and screaming) to access social media, understanding that authors like writing but also need to use the platform to communicate and market their book. So, now that I have exited the maze of writing and publishing, my advice to you is to contact Daniella to start your journey. I know I will soon start my next book.”

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