Conscious Dreams Publishing


“As a novice to the publishing world of printed books, I had initially considered ‘self-publishing’ but was rather daunted and knew I needed some help. But then Danni came along and made it all happen and offered the perfect package! She provided exactly the right level of support that I needed and was always patient, polite and totally professional. The eventual launch was amazing, and her ongoing enthusiasm is simply contagious. I am overwhelmed and more than delighted with the final result. So, I cannot thank you enough, Danni, for you and your team’s genuine heart-centred, efficient and amazing work.”

Nazish S Kazi Author of ‘Lessons from a Frog Princess’

“I have worked with many publishers but none as gifted, kind-hearted or professional as Daniella. She truly gets what it means to pour your heart and soul into a project and the best way to make that come alive.”

Kezia Luckett, Positive Psychologist and Author of ‘Pay It Forward: Notes to My Younger Self’’

“The world of self-publish is filled with those claiming to offer us writers the perfect service. When I decided to write 101 Lessons I Taught My Son, what I needed was a guide and partner. Someone who took as much interest in getting a quality product into the public domain as I did. Someone with the time and expertise to ensure I was not frustrated as I walked this new and unfamiliar path. Dani and her team were always available and never made me feel my request were too much. Her suggestions and tips really help form the book and much of the positive public response to the book is directly linked to Dani’s input. Truly a professional and personal service.”

Paul Lawrence, Author of ‘101 Lessons I Taught My Son’

“With a grateful heart I can say Danni was the best mentor I’ve ever had. Passion and professionalism best describe CDP’s teamwork and services. If you ever had a dream to publish your book, I’m sure Conscious Dreams Publishing will make it happen”

Ionut Iulian, Author of ‘Live, Love, Dream’

“I could not speak more highly of Daniella and the team. They have been exceptional. This was my daughter’s first book and first time publishing. They call this self-publishing, but really, aside from me handing over Tiana’s manuscript and reviewing edits, the entire process was managed by Danni and the team! The feedback has been amazing!”

7-year-old Tiana-Rose Akoh-Arrey, Author of ‘My Afro: Twin Best Friends’ Testimonial by her mother Dorothy Akoh-Arrey

“I am so grateful to Danni for helping me successfully bring my book to life. She was patient, hugely supportive, generous with her time and understanding of my style of learning. Her passion and love for her clients radiate through everything she does.”

Gosia Gorna, Transformational Coach and Author of The Expansion Game and No1 International Bestseller

“They’re publishers who care about the person behind the book and that can only translate to you producing the best of yourself on paper.”

Dilys Sillah, Transformational Life Coach and Author of ‘Not This Widow’

“I came across Daniella and loved her energy instantly.  Danni knows her stuff. She has a great team that will very efficiently and patiently take you through the whole publishing process.”

Usha Chudasama, Child & Adult Psychologist & Author of ‘Your Happy Child’

“It was a delightful experience working with someone so accomplished yet so humble as Daniella; despite the difficulties of working with a kid, she pushed to help me successfully self-publish. You have been an amazing mentor to have. As I’ve always said you’re such a humble yet accomplished woman.”

Micah Dolphy, Author of ‘Poetic Surds’

“Working with Conscious Dreams Publishing was the best decision I ever made as a writer. With knowledge and understanding of every step of the process, they enabled me to present my art, my poetry, to the world… more beautifully and effortlessly than I could have hoped. I can’t wait to work with them again. They have given me my voice.”

Leah Bailey, Author of ‘Between Hindsight and Foresight’, ‘Chasing Apollo’ and ‘Coffee and Papercuts’

“A massive thank you to everyone at Conscious Dreams Publishing for believing in my vision, for being kind and always steering me in the right direction. You have given this book a voice, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.”

Rio Merrix, Author of ‘When in the Wilderness’

“Your heart-centred company feels like home to me, a safe space where I feel seen, hard, and listened to. I love your passion for and dedication to your work ensuring the voices of your authors are heard.”

Nadia Wong, Author of ‘Your Life, Your Legacy’, ‘My Life, My Legacy’ and ‘7 Keys to a Happier Life’

“Really enjoyed working with the Conscious Dreams Publishing team last year. They were professional, patient, helpful and knew exactly what the book needed to let it shine. They stayed focused when I was uncertain and guided me through the process to have the book with Amazon in good time. I cannot thank them enough. Great team. “

Roy Merchant, Author of ’20 Things I Wish I Knew At 20

“It was incredible to work with Daniella to publish my book. Her knowledge, patience and expertise were phenomenally important to me and the process. I would not hesitate to recommend Daniella and her team, as well as work with her again myself! “

Lisa Cybaniak, Author of ‘Survivor to Warrior’

“Writing, for me, has always been a simple task- I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted to say it. Publishing, however, was completely new territory. I’m 13 so goodness knows I have no idea what I’m doing and my parents were in the same boat I was. But then Danni came along like sunshine on a rainy day and suddenly, it didn’t seem like such a confusing task. She introduced us to amazing cover designers and wonderful editors and helped make the launch the best it could be. She is a great mentor and I’m lucky she was here to help with this delightful process. Thanks a million Danni.”

Mekelle Angel Author of ‘XXIV: Unbreakable’

“What I wanted at the start of the process of working with Conscious Dreams Publishing was to be taken seriously. That happened pretty quickly and gave me the confidence to continue. Then I wanted to work with experienced, professional people who knew what they were doing. And that happened pretty quickly, too. Then I wanted a non-threatening, professional and constructive editing process and it soon became apparent that was what I was involved in. I wanted a say in the design, font and overall appearance of the book and I was consulted every step of the way, with Danni Blechner supporting, guiding and encouraging throughout. The end result is a book that looks great, reads well and is something I’m more than happy with. The experience of working with CDP has been and continues to be superb, and I have achieved more than I could have hoped for when we started out.”

Rick Tucker, Author of ‘Under the Flamboyant Tree’

“Working with Danni made all the difference for me. Without her support, advice and ‘handholding’, this book would still be a lonely manuscript hidden and silent on my desktop! Her commitment, knowledge, expertise, love and passion for what she does – to bring important untold stories into the light of day – is obvious. Her encouragement allows me to shine. Thank you Danni. “

Eileen Forrestal, Author of ‘The Courage to Shine’

“Conscious Dreams Publishing has provided an excellent service.  I’ve had timely responses, great advice and guidance in setting up my book sales platforms. I am very satisfied with the editing, design and layout for my book. A totally great job, the whole thing! And now that I have met Daniella in person, she is a great person too.”

John Cheatdom, AKA ‘Grandfather of Doo Woop’ and Author of ‘Keeping Doo Wop Alive’

“I am still amazed that I made it to the finishing line. The truth is without Daniella I would never have finished my book. Yes I had a good idea and manuscript, but felt like I was in a human maze, unsure which turn to make next and whether I would ever understand how to publish my book. In stepped Daniella who agreed to be my Book Journey Mentor from start to publishing my book. She not only kept her word, but it is obvious that she lives and breathes helping debut authors like myself to realise their dreams and go the extra mile, and then some! She also encouraged me (kicking and screaming) to access social media, understanding that authors like writing but also need to use the platform to communicate and market their book. So, now that I have exited the maze of writing and publishing, my advice to you is to contact Daniella to start your journey. I know I will soon start my next book.”

Kenny Harry, Author of ‘Being Invisible Men of Colour Talk Love, Life and Fatherhood’

‘Working with Conscious Dreams Publishing, under the direct supervision of Danni, was amazing. They provided me with a full package for publishing my book. They provided me with an editor/proofreader, and a typesetter and helped my mum to find an amazing illustrator. They also provided me with storytelling sessions to help me understand the writing process better. The storytelling session really stood out for me, because I got to speak with different published authors. I also got to learn from their experiences and they were super encouraging and inspiring. Conscious Dreams Publishing made it less stressful for me to get my book published with their continuous guidance. I’m now a very happy author of the book, ‘Twin Switch Disaster’. All in all, Conscious Dreams Publishing has been amazing. They helped make my dream of publishing a book come true. They can also make your dream come true!’

Rexella Randi-Manyi Eta, Author of ‘Twin Switch Disaster’