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We love working with young people at Conscious Dreams Publishing. We believe that every young mind is precious. With over 20 years of working with young people both as a mentor and teacher, Daniella is passionate about giving children the space to explore their imagination, creativity and expression. Having dreamed of becoming an author at just four years old and writing her own book on lined paper glued together at just eight years old, the young authors she works with now would truly have been her role models. Growing up in the 80s, Daniella loved reading books by Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl however, never saw characters that looked like her.


At Conscious Dreams Publishing, we believe that every child deserves to see themselves represented in books and that children of all backgrounds, races, religions, abilities and disabilities should have their voices heard and images visible to promote a healthy sense of self-esteem, positive identity and pride.


Through school visits and online 1-2-1 Storytelling Sessions, we work with young authors, encouraging them to read widely and diversely, to take up the pen and become authors in their own right.



Meet the super talented Tiana Akoh-Arrey who came to Conscious Dreams Publishing in 2021 at 7 years old, with not one but SIX book ideas! She published her debut book, ‘My Afro: Twin Best Friends’ with us to empower little black girls with afros and to celebrate diversity. Having been made fun of for her afro hair at school, she wanted to create a book that not emphasises positive self-identity and self-love.

Tiana has been extremely successful with her book and shared her powerful messages in interviews with the BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Good Morning America, Breakfast Television, Canada, Ebony Magazine and The Kelly Clarkson Show.

She is a shining example of how to transform a negative experience into a positive and powerful one. Having completed the Storytelling Workshops with us, Tiana is now a guest speaker on our Storytelling Workshops for young people and a role model for aspiring authors.

Go, Tiana!


Meet our brilliant and eloquent young author, Isis Damali who published her book at just 8 years old. Her beautiful book, ‘Isis Meets Isis’ teaches children about the wonders of Ancient Egypt and educates people about how advanced their technologies and customs were. When Isis meets the goddess Isis who guides her through Ancient Egypt, she is both shocked and mesmerised by the wonders she discovers, as well as the meaning of her name. Do you know what your name means?

Having completed the Storytelling Workshops with us, Isis is now a guest speaker and role model for other aspiring young authors on the workshop.

Isis is a refreshingly confident young author who is very proud of her beautiful name.

Check out Isis’ brilliantly articulate interviews in The Guardian and BBC World Service: The Happy Podcast.

Keep shining, Isis!


If you’d like Daniella to work 1-2-1 with your child, sign up for her Storytelling Sessions designed to develop your child’s confidence in becoming a writer. During these sessions, your child will learn:

  • How to create a 5-step narrative
  • How to structure their story
  • How to use storyboards for storytelling
  • How to write a blurb that ‘pops’!
  • How to design a ‘Drop the Mic’ book cover
  • What it’s like to be an author (led by our Young Authors themselves!)


  • 6-week Summer Special (Special Offer!)
  • 1hr session £35
  • 10 x 1hr sessions £300

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Meet the awesome and amazing young author, Rexella Randi-Manyi Eta who lives in Finland. She wrote and published her superb adventure book, ‘Twin Switch Disaster’ at just 12 years old. We worked with Rexella on her captivating book for at least a year. What we admire most about Rexella is her dedication and commitment to refining her story and improving her narrative throughout the whole process. It featured Rexella in the Finnish newspaper Turan Sonomat

About the book

When Milly accidentally meets Lily, her twin lookalike, her far-fetched fantasy of living as a princess becomes a reality. As the girls plot a scheme to switch places and experience each other’s life, everything is perfect. That is, until the evil, power-hungry, Debrian turns up with his mystical powers and threatens to take over the Kingdom. Can the girls stop this nightmare from happening and what will happen when their plot to switch lives is discovered?

Having completed the Storytelling Workshops with us, Rexella is now a guest speaker and role model for other aspiring young authors on the workshop.

Great work, Rexella!



Meet the inspirational and imaginative Joanah Adewale who published her book. ‘Pugaventure: How the Pug Got Its Short Tail’ with us at 12 years old. Joanah is an amazing young person with heaps of imagination and curiosity, which she’s captured through writing and publishing her debut book.
About the Book
When Presumptuous Pugie’s (Poo-gee) tail keeps growing every time he tells a porkie, he loses the respect of fellow pugs Clowdie, Coco and Cuddles. Having no friends or pugs to trust and a very very long tail, makes life hard for Pugie but after a visit to the African Pugging (Pug King) he discovers that getting rid of his long tail is just the beginning.
Meanwhile, fellow pug sisters Clowdie, Coco and Cuddles find themselves in a terrible spot of danger. Will Pugie turn his back on them, or will he learn from his selfish mistakes?
Find out more about the journey of secrets, friendship, danger and lies.
Having completed the Storytelling Workshops with us, Isis is now a guest speaker and role model for other aspiring young authors on the workshop
Keep inspiring, Joanah!